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Bluegrass musicians are now meeting regularly each year.

AEGC (92), meets every Saturday More info here ===>

Pentecost meeting is a meeting traveling. She was held for many years on Neuvy Barangeon (18)
It takes place during the weekend of Pentecost, the interest is to have one more day in this weekend.
Photos here.
This meeting was organized by Philippe Chapuis in Britain in recent years.

La Grange Rouge (71), as part of "Trad Fest", the bluegrass community and all its supporters are found in mid-June each year.
A scene is at disposal time of the meeting, and each group wishing to produce just register.
It happens  in Saone et Loire, near Louhans.

Camping Craponne (43): On the occasion of the festival go-Country Craponne Arzon on the last weekend of July
meeting at the camp for 4 or 5 days / nights beef.

La Roche sur Foron (74): First weekend of August, La Roche Bluegrass Festival is the place to jam
with all that has bluegrass in Europe, but also the opportunity to meet musicians from overseas.

Winter Vichy (03): Hosted by Jeff Tronelle, our dear president, at Palais Omnisport de Vichy, this event heralds the arrival of winter, but .......... after several months of waiting, we can finally pick up the thread of our meetings at the beginning.

And then, somewhere in Gascony, a small band of enthusiasts meet up for a weekend to chat, play
It's called "Bluegrass Homestay"
(See calendar for more info)

If you also know a regular meeting place, let us know what you know to update this page.